Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Text to Image Converter V 0.2 (for Windows)

Based on the user feedback we add one option to the Text to Image Generator and released it as version 0.2. There are no major changes compare to the earlier version (Text to Image Generator version 0.1). See the earlier version post to know about the Prerequisites, User's manual and Feedback.

Major Changes:
Just added the facility to load the text from a text file. To do this user has to click on the Open menu item and select the text file from the dialogue box.


Download Link:
Text to Image Converter (Setup file)
Text to Image Converter (VS .NET source file)


mv said...

Hello Sirs
could you please check the following
image - I cant get the save button -
cant adjust the frames to get the
save button ...

problem :

exe file info :

using windows XP (SP2) + .NET2
with 800 x 600 and
1024 x 768 resolutions

many thanks
- mvsrao

Suman Kar said...

Not the most appropriate post for my comment, but I hope you will excuse me. I tried the Windows version out and I think it's a great step forward! There is a thing though: I am stuck with boxes (probably .notdef characters) when I tried running a sample page (with noisy and multi-column turned on). Is there a particular set of fonts that need to be installed on the system prior to running this software? The user guide seems to miss out on this aspect totally. FWIW, I am using WinXP SP2 with the standard Vrinda font installed.

Suman Kar said...

Oh cool! Figured it out -- I needed to install SolaimanLipi from ekushey. Thereafter it worked like a charm. Great work! One thing, do add this dependency/requirement to the accompanying document. Also, it appears that this does not handle punctuations very well -- but you guys must know this already. Wish you all godspeed!

জয়ন্ত said...

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mv said...

oh! the comments are published after a long time ...

mv said...
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